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On Campus classes COVID policy

On Campus classes COVID policy

by Tuba Behram -
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Business & Law School COVID compliance: 

In context to the prevailing pandemic, all visitors, students, staff and administration is strictly advised to follow all given protocols. 

1. Wear your mask! All members of the BLS fraternity are strongly encouraged to be wearing masks especially when indoors. 

2. Use of sanitizer: BLS will ensure sanitizers for our everyone for use at entry points and inside class rooms. We will encourage everyone to use them while entering the premises and while indoors at intervals. 

3. Please cooperate with the security staff and administration in case any COVID related instruction is issued. 

4. If any visitor/student/staff is observed with symptoms, BLS administration may ask the individual(s) to isolate and/or may be asked to leave the premises. Cooperation and understanding will be expected to ensure safety of everyone involved. 

5. If you feel uneasy or not well, please inform the administration instantly. It is important for safety of not just you but everyone else around you. 

The only way the world is tackling the pandemic is coordination and helping each other out. Please help us in keeping BLS safe and vibrant