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Exam Instructions

Exam Instructions

by Tuba Behram -
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For exam day please note the following:

1. Exam will release on vle exam pages; which are visible in the modules tab.

2. Exams will release at 10 am PKST.

3. You will have to reload the page on the right time for the exam to show up.

4. Please know that you must try completing exam till 4 hours and last hour is for uploading and downloading. 

5. Incase of any query or issue, log an inquiry through your portal and select the live exam category for quick response.

6. Make sure all work you submit is your own.

7. Total time allowed is 5 hours.

8. Submission tool will appear below the exam download tab, you must submit on time as it takes a while for the exam to get through turnitin.

Good luck!